Quality Grades

Quality Grades

Be Aware Of Big Differences In Quality
A/AA/AAA Grade

Low grade entry level, lightweight, cheap materials, poor gold color, often quartz and sometime very cheap automatic movement that won´t last long. Colors and small elements start falling apart quick. Noticeable differences from original watch. Colors are lighter. Prices between AED 100 – 350 are being asked in Dubai markets. Definitely wasted money.

AAA+ Grade

Looks more like the original watch, but rarely comes with original box and certificate. These watches normally come with more simple swiss automatic movement. The casing looks better than the lower grades, but only normal glass is being used (no anti scratch). Often the bracelets let these models down. It´s not made for daily use or longterm plans.

Price range: AED 800-1.200 (USD 220-330)

Swiss Master Copy Grade

A Swiss Master Copy Watch comes from the top factories such as Noob, JF, AR, BP, JH, V6F etc. basic swiss movements with almost correct bpm. The casing is must better and the bracelet is usually very good, but the steel quality is still far away from the original. Most Swiss Master Copies are very close to the original models, but experienced eyes can spot the difference. Better glass quality with Saphire antiscratch glass.

Price range: from AED 2,400 (from USD 620) Rolex: from 2,400, Patek, AP, Hublot: from 3,200


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Super Master Copy Grade

The Super Master Copy is the highest level of copy watches. The parts come from switzerland, often parts of the original watch are beeing used. Swiss movement such as the 3135 or 4130 are high standard parts with exact rpm (which is important to show the correct time longterm). The weight and all details are 100% similar to the original model (does not apply for solid gold and most titanium models). Only a professional watchmaker can identify these as a copy by disassembling it. This is the best of the best, made to last longest.

The quality of the materials is outstanding. Real ceramic casing or forged carbon can found. The most expensive Super Masters can be ordered with 18k Gold plating or Svarowski crystals and also real solid titanium casing.

Price range: AED 3,600 to 7,500 (USD 980+ usd) Rolex 3,600-4,800, Patek from 5,500, AP/Hublot from 4,500


Attention: A Grade watches (A – AAA) often are being sold as Master, Super Master or First Copy Watches. If the deal looks too good the watch is of lower quality.

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